The main advantages of electric kettle

Fast fever

“Hot fast” is the most basic requirement of the electric kettle: the original heating coil has been transformed into a more generous heating chassis, one is more beautiful and practical, and solves the problem that the scale is difficult to clean; secondly, the heat conversion efficiency is high, often 3 – 5 to 1 liter of water can be boiled in 5 minutes.

Strong filtering

“Drinking water is healthy” is the consensus of all people, so it is necessary to install several “safety nets” in the kettle. The key positions such as the bottom of the kettle and the water outlet can be described as “organs”. Several heavy filters are installed to remove scale and purify water.

Full function

The simple boiling water can no longer meet the daily needs. The set-type electric kettle has begun to sell well. In addition to the electric kettle, there are special utensils such as tea sets, such as boiling water, making tea and drinking coffee, which reflects the care from beginning to end.

Of course, the last point, humanized design is also indispensable. The design of the kettle body is more simple and gorgeous, the built-in design of the power cord avoids cumbersomeness, and conforms to the fashionable style concept of modern home; the non-slip handle is convenient and safe, and it is full of thoughtfulness; the interesting alarm sound after the water boils, adding a lot of fun to life. .

Variety of styles

Since the development of the electric kettle, in addition to the continuous improvement of the function, the appearance is also constantly improving, from the previous round and flat, in the cylindrical appearance, to the column-type appearance, from ordinary stainless steel to brushed material, as well as plastic Material, the beautiful appearance of the electric kettle is also decorating our lives.

Post time: Sep-25-2019