How electric kettle works

How electric kettle works


Most of the kettles with heat preservation function have two heat pipes, and one heat insulation heat pipe is separately controlled by the heat preservation switch, which allows the user to control whether or not to keep warm. The insulation power is generally below 50W, and it usually consumes no more than 0.1 kWh per hour.

Key components: The key component of the electric kettle is the thermostat. The quality and service life of the thermostat determine the quality and service life of the kettle. The thermostat is divided into: simple thermostat, simple + sudden jump thermostat, waterproof, anti-dry thermostat. Consumers are advised to purchase waterproof and anti-dry thermostat electric kettles.

Other components: In addition to the key temperature controller, the composition of an electric kettle must include these basic components: the kettle button, the kettle top cover, the power switch, the handle, the power indicator, the heating floor, and so on.

working principle

After the electric kettle is turned on for about 5 minutes, the water vapor deforms the bimetal of the steam sensing element, and the top open switch contact is disconnected from the power supply. If the steam switch fails, the water in the kettle will continue to burn until the water is dried. The temperature of the heating element rises sharply. There are two bimetals at the bottom of the heating plate, which will rise sharply due to heat conduction, and will expand and deform. Turn on the power. Therefore, the safety protection device of the electric kettle is designed to be very scientific and reliable. This is the triple safety principle of the electric kettle.

Post time: Sep-25-2019